The Supposed Shred of Evidence for my banning

In order to justify banning me, the Home Secretary has pulled out of her bag of tricks a truncated statement of mine relative to suicide bombing being a military tactic. The statement was made in a 1994 recording (16 years ago) for Sharjah TV. The 2009 date given which they claim is incorrect. The program […]

Other Lecturers Banned

A number of other authentic Islamic lecturers have been recently banned from the UK and other Western countries. This is a very silly policy on the part of the UK and others, as it is we who are enlightening Muslims to the true teachings of Islam to warn them away from extremism and terrorism in […]

Dr Bilal Philips Banned from the UK

Well, the inevitable finally happened. At least the British Home Secretary called Dr Naik in Mumbai prior to his trip and told him not to come. I arrived to London this Saturday morning, 19 June, at 8am only to denied entry and put back on a plane at 11am back to Doha!!! So, I was unable […]

Lecturing in the Maldives

Just came back from a 5 day lecture tour of the Maldives along with Abdur Raheem Green. It was very successful, and we both recorded programs for local Islamic radio station, Radio Atoll, VTV station, and gave numerous lectures outside of the official program. I also met with a group of IOU students from Maldives, […]

The Book That Shook the World

Arrangements have been confirmed for the Qur’aan Conference “The Book That Shook the World” on the 20th of June, London, UK. I’ll be there along with Shaikh Dr. Suhaib Hasan, Sh Haitham Haddaad, Sh Abu Usaamah, Ustaz Hussain Yee, Ustaz Murtaza Khan, Br Yusuf Estes, etc. See you all there, in shaa Allaah.

Music and Dating in Toronto

My last official lecture in Toronto was held at Darul Hijrah Islamic Center Sunday night (18th April). This Islamic center is a converted furniture showroom at 2050 Kipling ave. and is one of the newest Mosques in Toronto. They have facilities for boys and girls to play basketball until midnight throughout the week – a welcome addition […]

Currently in Canada

I left Doha on the early morning of the 8th of April and arrived, via Amsterdam, to Toronto at 4 pm in the afternoon of the same day. Today, I did the Khutbah of Jumu’ah at Salaahuddeen Mosque, al hamdulillaah to a packed house. The topic was on Dajjaal and our preparation for his coming. I’ll […]

BAIS Classes Have Started at IOU

From the 1st of April, Dr Bilal Philip’s Islamic Online University (IOU) has launched the world’s first tuition-free, Bachelor of Arts in Islamic Studies in English completely online. A major new step towards helping Muslims across the globe fulfill the Prophet’s command to seek knowledge of the religion. After successfully running a collection of 20 […]

Peace Conference Scandinavia 2010

I have been invited to Oslo, Norway along with Sh. Hussain Yee, ‘Abdur Raheem Green and Yusuf Chambers for a major Isalmic conference from 27th March until the 31th. My topics are: “In Search of Inner Peace,” “Da’wah in Desert Storm”, “Dajjal – Sign of the Last Hour”. And I’ll also be doing an intensive […]

Launching the Free BA in Islamic Studies

Al hamdulillaah. I’m back in Qatar from the UK where I gave the khutbah of Jumu’ah and a lecture on Caliph Abu Bakr in Islam Bradford Islamic Da’wah center and a lecture at the Camden Center in London on Saturday on “Are we prepared?” and another on Sunday on “Lessons from the Battle of Uhud”. […]