Friday Khutbah at Aspire Mosque, Doha, Qatar

The Khutbah for the last two Fridays (19th & 12 Feb) are now available from my youtube channel. The numbers at the masjid have now increased to maximum capacity (1,400), and rugs are now being used outside the mosque to accomodate those coming.

IOU Courses

Please remember to give structured time to your free Islamic courses on the IOU (www.islamiconlineuniversity.com ) or join up if you haven’t already done so. Don’t let this opportuntiy go. As the Prophet (pbuh) said, “Most people are fooled about 2 blessings: Good health and spare time.” Satan will try his best to convince you […]

Lectures in the UK 25th Feb – 1st March

On the 25th I should be doing some recording for Islam Channel and on the 26th I’ll be up in Bradford doing Jumu’ah and a lecture on Abu Bakr for Islam Bradford. Then on Feb 27th & 28th I’ll be giving lectures at CAMDEN CENTRE, JUDD STREET, LONDON WC1H 9JE, UK. It is a conference […]

Interview on an Islamic Radio Show

Salaam alaykum All. I’ll be doing a radio interview with brother Yusuf Wells for the American Muslims Today radio show (http://go-amt.net/) Those of you in parts of the world that can participate – Ahlan wa Sahlan (you are welcome to join us).

My Latest Video Khutbah at Aspire Mosque

On: Tawheed For Life The Khutbah for last Friday (29th Jan) is now available from my youtube channel. The sound’s much better than week before last as i used a clipon mike. The numbers at the masjid increased by nearly 300 more people and it looks as though we will have to put carpets outside […]

Islamic Online University (IOU) Has Reached New Heights!

Al hamdulillaah, the December and January stats for IOU are amazing. I want to personally thank all of you here, on facebook, and my youtube channel for contributing towards them, as you have made a great difference. December enrollment was 1,575!! and January was 2,040!!!! Allaahu Akbar. And the grand total of those registered at […]

The Jumu’ah Today

Al hamdulillaah the Jumu’ah far exceeded our wildest expectations. Depending solely (after Allah) on only word-of-mouth announcements, a few emails, a post on Qatar living, more than 900 people attended and the mosque was filled almost to capacity – Allahu Akbar. It looks as though we will have to make arrangement for rugs outside the […]

Jumu’ah in English at Aspire Mosque

Al hamdulillaah, the Qatar Awqaf’s approval for a second mosque in Doha in which the Friday khutbah will be given in English was finalized yesterday, and today the official formalities were completed with me as the designated Khateeb. Some pictures of the mosque will be added later and the khutbah will be recorded – in […]

First Video Upload on My Youtube Channel

Today I am uploading my first lecture on my youtube channel (www.youtube.com/aabphilips) after my announcement of the channel a few weeks back. The URL is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0XPwzlp2_Q4 It was a lecture on “Islam and Modernism” given in Maldives last August and was a major event on the island nation organized by Jamiyyat as-Salaf, broadcast on national tv […]