Ribaa (Interest)

A classical example in these times of impatience and haste leading to Haraam is related to Ribaa. Some Muslims in the West are quick to point out that the whole economic system of western civilization is founded on an interest-based system, and as such necessitates dealing with interest. They may also add that paying rent […]


Islaam, being the natural way, recognizes the innate human need for help in making decisions and has protected the faith of its followers from corruption and given them a sense of contentment and peace in their daily lives by providing guidance in this regard. That guidance consists of clear instructions to the believers to put […]

Muhammad ibn ‘Abdul-Wahhaab

Muhammad ibn ‘Abdul-Wahhaab, was born in 1703 in the city of al-‘Uyaynah, seventy kilometres northwest of Riyadh, the current capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. His father ‘Abdul-Wahhaab ibn Sulaymaan, was himself a notable scholar and the judge of al-‘Uyainah and his grandfather, Sulayman ibn ‘Alee, was one of the leading scholars of the […]

Abdul-Hameed ibn Baadees

‘Abdul-Hameed ibn Baadees was born in Constantine, Algeria in 1889 and memorized the Qur’aan in his early childhood. His father sent him to study in the University of Zaytoonah in Tunisia in 1908. In the year 1913 after his graduation, he travelled to Arabia and spent one year in Madeenah, during which he sat with […]

The Face Veil

The following text is an edited translation of a summary of ar-Radd al-Mufhim by Shaykh Naasiruddeen al-Albaanee found in pages 5-20 of the introduction of his book Jilbaab al-Mar’ah al-Muslimah, 3rd edition, 1996, al-Maktabah al-Islaamiyyah. The main errors of those who make the face veil obligatory 1. The interpretation of al-idnaa’ in the verse of the […]

Islam’s Position on Homosexuality

Homosexuality and lesbianism have been dubbed “alternative life-styles”, “personal preference”, “a natural variation”, etc. in the West today. Where homosexuality was considered an illness by the Association of Psychiatrists, it is now removed from the list and replaced by homophobia (the dislike of homosexuals and homosexuality). Consequently, Islam and Muslims are considered intolerant and biased […]

Islam’s Position on Polygamy

Muslims are often accused of being promiscuous because polygamy is legal in Islam. 1.     Islam did not introduce polygamy. Unrestricted polygamy was practiced in most human societies throughout the world in every age. Islam regulated polygamy by limiting the number of wives and establishing responsibility in its practice. 2.     Monogamy of the West inherited from […]

Monogamy And Polygamy

This article is not put together in defense of polygyny (plural marriage) for Allah has already confirmed its validity as clearly stated in the Noble Quran: “Marry of the women that please you, two, three or four, but if you fear that you will not be able to deal justly with them, then only one.” […]

Islaam and Terrorism

Islaam Spread By The Sword: The common image of Islaam being spread by an Arab on camel back riding in off the desert with a Quraan in one hand and a scimitar (a curved sword) in the other offering a choice of either accepting Islaam or losing one’s head.    1.     As mentioned earlier under […]

Why People Accept Islam

The topic ‘The Necessities of Da’wah in the Light of Current Conditions’ is extremely vast in its scope. People are accepting Islam in the West (USA, Canada, UK, France and Germany), in the Middle Eastern countries (Saudi Arabia, the Gulf States, Jordan), in Africa and the Far East (Malaysia, Philippines, Hong Kong, etc.). Each region […]