Music and Dating in Toronto

My last official lecture in Toronto was held at Darul Hijrah Islamic Center Sunday night (18th April). This Islamic center is a converted furniture showroom at 2050 Kipling ave. and is one of the newest Mosques in Toronto. They have facilities for boys and girls to play basketball until midnight throughout the week – a welcome addition for the youths of Toronto. Most of the audience at the lecture were youths and the discussion was lively and fully interactive. And, as you might expect, the two biggest question areas were about music and dating. One question was from one of the girls who claimed that she heard it said that it was okay to be in a relationship (i.e. boyfriend-girlfriend) as long as it wasn’t for more than six months! One of the boys asked if it was okay if their parents knew and approved of their relationship!!! Al hamdulillaah the lecture was recorded and will be added to my youtube channel in the coming weeks.