Trip to Muscat

I am currently in Muscat, Oman, meeting with the membersĀ of my team for the IOU in order to get the systems ready to launch the FREE BA in Islamic Studies by the end of this month. Tomorrow I’ll be giving a talk to those involved in Da’wah at the Grand Mosque of Sultan Qaboos on methods of Da’wah. We still have meetings tomorrow morning and evening to hammer out the remaining details and the new format for the IOU website. Please pray for our success in this matter.

While there, I was asked to give a lecture on “Methods of Da’wah” to those involved in Da’wah at the last minute. Many were surprised to hear that I was in Oman, as my trip was itself a last minute decision. My dear friend and brother, Abdur Raheem Green, is coming here for a lecture tour on the 13th January. Previously, another dear friend and brother Dr Abdullah Hakeem Quick was there.