Abdullah ibn Muhammad ibn Qudaamah ibn Miqdaam

Abdullah ibn Muhammad ibn Qudaamah ibn Miqdaam was born in1146 CE in the village of Jammaa’eel in Nablus, Palestine. His family shifted to Damascus when he was at the age of ten. There he studied the Qu’ran and Memorized al-Kharqee’s Summary (Mukhtasar al-Kharqee). He later traveled with his uncle, al-Hafiz ‘Abdul-Ghanee, to Baghdad in 1165 and studied under many of the leading scholars there, among them the leading jurist of Iraq, Abdul-Fat’h Nasr Ibn Qudaamah al-Maqdisee continued to study jurisprudence until he became the leading scholar of the region and an authority for understanding the Hambalee math’hab and its fundamental principles.

Ibn Qudaamah wrote a nuber of books in a variety of fields among them, al-Mughnee, at-Kaafee, al-‘Uddah, al-‘Umdah, and al-Muqni’ in the science of Fiqh; Lum’atul-I’tiqaad, Kitaab al-Qadar, Mas’alatul-Uloo and Thamm at-Ta’weel, in the science of Usool al-Fiqh; ar-Riqqah, al-Bukaa, and at-Tiwwaabeen, in field of Asceticism; and Mukhtasar ‘Ilal-Hadeeth lil-Khallaal in the science of Hadeeth.