The eyes of the dead person should be closed and a du‘aa made for him based on the following hadeeth of Umm Salamah: “Allaah’s Messenger (PBUH) came in and found Aboo Salamah’s eyes staring so he closed them and said,“Verily when the soul is snatched, the eyes follow it.” Some people from his family began to scream so he said, “Do not call on yourselves except good for verily the angels say “Aameen” to whatever you say, He then prayed: Allaahummagh-fir li Abee Salamah warfa‘ darajatahu fil-mahdeeyeen [O Allaah, forgive Aboo Salamah and raise his level among the rightly guided,] wakhlufhu fee ‘aqibihi fil-ghaabireen [and let his remaining offspring be like him.] wagh-fir lanaa walahu yaa Rabbal-‘Aalameen [Forgive us and forgive him, O Lord of all the worlds] wafsah lahu fee qabrihee wa nawwir lahu feeh [and expand his grave and illuminate it for him.] Sahih Muslim, vol.2, pp.436-7, no.2003.