Completing the Hajj

Salaam alaykum Brothers and Sisters. I returned from Hajj yesterday after an 11 hour wait at the airport in Madeenah, a final testing of nerves and emotions, confirming or denying us the assurance of reward. During the many other extended waits throughout the Hajj, I used the time to complete my reflections on the wisdom and benefits, goals and lessons behind the rites and rituals of Hajj.
Notes I began 3 years ago, used 2 years ago and improved on, and reused this year and improved on. In shaa Allah, I will try to have it ready as a book for the next Hajj, as this aspect is generally missing from both the Arabic and English books written for the most part. So it should be a welcome addition to Hajj literature, giving the pilgrim some additional points to reflect on and work towards. Allah willing.