Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was reported by Ibn ‘Abbaas to have said, “Reflect on the creation of Allaah but do not reflect on Allaah.” To reflect on the reality of Allaah is to reflect on the infinite. And, as the mind boggles when it reflects on the limits of the finite universe and the galaxies and stars within it, it will also be confounded when it attempts to understand the uncreated. The Prophet (PBUH) warned that the satanic forces would seek to introduce doubts in the hearts of the believers by raising unanswerable questions about God. Aboo Hurayrah related that Allaah’s Messenger (PBUH) said, “Satan will come to everyone of you and ask: Who created this and that? – until he questions: Who created your Lord? When he comes to that, one should seek refuge in Allaah [say: I affirm my faith in Allaah and His prophets] and avoid [such thoughts].”