Launching the Free BA in Islamic Studies

Al hamdulillaah. I’m back in Qatar from the UK where I gave the khutbah of Jumu’ah and a lecture on Caliph Abu Bakr in Islam Bradford Islamic Da’wah center and a lecture at the Camden Center in London on Saturday on “Are we prepared?” and another on Sunday on “Lessons from the Battle of Uhud”. I also recorded a Q&A for Islam Channel (TV) and was to record some programs also for Iqra TV Channel, but time didn’t permit. However, during this period the Islamic Online University did the finishing touches to the BA in Islamic Studies program and rolled it out on the 27th of February – Allahu Akbar. Five days later we already have 380 admissions being processed – Subhaanallaah!!! For those who don’t already know, please go to the website and register ASAP as we do have cap on the total number of applications that we will accept for this semester, since it is our first.