“Verily, I am Allaah, there is no god beside Me, so worship Me and establish regular prayer for My remembrance.” Qur’aan, 20:14. The believers are encouraged to remember God as much as possible. Although, moderation in all spheres of life, whether material or spiritual, is generally encouraged in divine law, an exception is made regarding the remembrance of Allaah. It is virtually impossible to remember God too much. Consequently, in the final revelation, chapter al-Ahzaab, Allaah encourages the believers to remember God as often as possible: “O believers! Remember Allaah often.” Qur’aan, 33:41. Remembrance of God is stressed because sin is generally committed when God is forgotten. The forces of evil operate most freely when consciousness of God is lost. Consequently, the satanic forces seek to occupy people’s minds with irrelevant thoughts and desires to make them forget God. Once God is forgotten, people willingly join the corrupt elements. The final revelation, the Qur’aan, addresses this phenomenon in chapter al-Mujaadalah as follows: “Satan has got the better of them and caused them to forget Allaah. Those are the party of Satan. Truly the party of Satan are the real losers” Qur’aan, 58:19.