SEEKING FORGIVENESS FOR THE IDOLATORS: Al-Musayyib ibn Hazn reported that when Aboo Taalib was on his deathbed, the Prophet (PBUH) went to him while Aboo Jahl and ‘Abdullaah ibn Abee Umayyah were with him. He said, “O uncle, say: There is no god worthy of worship but Allaah, so that I may plead your case with it before Allaah.” On hearing that, Aboo Jahl and ‘Abdullaah ibn Abee Umayyah said: O Aboo Taalib, will you renounce the religion of [our father] ‘Abdul-Muttalib? The Prophet then said, “I will continue to ask forgiveness for you as long as I am not prohibitted.” Then Allaah revealed the verse: “The Prophet and Believers should not seek forgiveness for the idolators even if they were near relatives, once it is made clear that they are inhabitants of the Hell-Fire (9:113).” Sahih Al-Bukhari, vol.6, p.158, no.197 and Sahih Muslim, vol.1, p.18, no.36.