It is the month in which we are encouraged to fast as much as we can. However, we should not fast the entire month as we do in Ramadan. The most important day of fasting in this month is the fast of ‘Aashoora, the 10th, which expiates the minor sins of one whole year. (Saheeh Muslim)
The fast of ‘Aashoora’ is in commemoration of the day that Allah saved the Children of Israel and their prophet Moses, peace be upon him, from their enemy. It is a day venerated by the Jews also. [Bukhari]
There are different ways to fast this occasion. One can choose to fast the 10th of Muharram only (the day of ‘Aashoora’), but it is recommended to also fast the previous day or the day following it.
For those of you who still have missed fasts from the days of Ramadan to make up, may Allah accept your intention of making up the fast of Ramadan whilst also seeking the reward of the fast of ‘Aashoora’.
I ask Allah to help us seek out the blessings of this sacred month, accept our fasts, and grant us His forgiveness for fasting the day of ‘Aashoora’.
May you be blessed in this world and the next. Aameen.