Among aerial jinn are those who eavesdrop on the angels in the lowest heaven. The jinn then convey this information to some fortunetellers. ‘Abdullaah ibn ‘Abbaas related an incident told to him by another companion of the Prophet. He said that while they were sitting at night with Allaah’s Messenger (PBUH), a falling meteor gave off a dazzling light, so the Prophet (PBUH) asked them, “What did you say in pre-Islamic days about such occurrences?” They replied, “Allaah and his Messenger know best [the truth], but we used to say that on such a night a great man was born and a great man died.” Allaah’s Messenger (PBUH) then said, “These [meteors] are not sent at either the death or birth of anyone. When Allaah, the Exalted and Glorious, decides to do something, He issues a command. Then the angels bearing the throne and those in the heavens next to them glorify and praise Him, until the glorification of Allaah reaches those in the heaven of this world. The angels near the throne-bearers then ask them [i.e., the throne-bearers], ‘What has your Lord said?’ They inform them of what He has said, and those in the heavens [below] seek and relay information from them [i.e., the angels near the throne-bearers] until it reaches the heaven of this world. While the information is being transferred, [the jinn] snatch what they manage to overhear and carry it to their friends. When the angels spot the jinn, they attack them with meteors. If they [i.e., the jinn] were to narrate only what they overhear, it would be all correct; however, they add to it and mix it with lies.” Collected by al-Bukhaaree and Muslim.