The Supposed Shred of Evidence for my banning

In order to justify banning me, the Home Secretary has pulled out of her bag of tricks a truncated statement of mine relative to suicide bombing being a military tactic. The statement was made in a 1994 recording (16 years ago) for Sharjah TV. The 2009 date given which they claim is incorrect. The program was replayed in 2009, as, since I left the UAE in 2003, I have not returned. The original statement was made in the beginning of the Palestinian struggle, when use of this tactic was directed at troops and not civilians – similar to “suicide missions” well known in military operations. Once use of the tactic changed and civilians were targeted, my position also changed. Consequently, in my hundreds of lectures (on youtube and elsewhere) I have clearly condemned suicide bombing as haraam (forbidden) in Islam [outside of military necessity] especially where directed at civilian populations. In fact I was among the first to condemn 9l11 and 7/7 when they occurred.