Why Did God Create the World?

The contents of this world were created for the service of humankind. Whether they are products of man’s invention, like ships, or they are nature itself, all have been granted by God for the benefit of human beings. However, such gifts are not without responsibility. Humans are required to recognize Allaah’s bounties and mercies and give thanks to Him and glorify him. “Allaah who created the heavens and the earth and sent down rain from the sky and with it brought out fruit for your provision. He has put ships in your service sailing through the sea by His command; and likewise He has put the rivers in your service. He has also put the sun and moon in their orbits to be of service to you; and He made the night and day in your service.” Qur’aan, 14:32-33. “It is He who causes the daybreak, made the night for rest, and the sun and moon for calculating [time]. That is the determination of the All-Mighty, the All-Knowing. It is He who has made the stars for your guidance in the darkness on land and at sea. I have explained in detail these signs for people who know.” Qur’aan, 6:96-7.