Divine Love

God’s love is manifest in beings brought into existence, whether believer or disbeliever, to enjoy life, if only for a brief moment. It is also realized in the creation of paradise for those who choose righteousness over evil. Allaah states in the final revelation that He loves those who do good (5:13), those who are just (5:43), those who are pious (9:4), those who are patient (3:146), those who put their trust in Him (3:159), those who frequently turn to Him in repentance and those who purify themselves (2:222). However, it is He who has defined for human beings through the scriptures and the prophets what is good, just, and pious. Consequently, those who follow the prophets are most beloved to God. In chapter Aal ‘Imraan, Allaah instructed Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to say the following to the believers:

“… If you really love Allaah, follow me and Allaah will love you and forgive your sins …”
Qur’aan, 3:31

Following them, not only in the compulsory acts ordained by God, but also in their eagerness to do acts of voluntary worship.