THE MIRACLES: The Qur‘aanic account of Jesus’ ministry confirms most of his miracles mentioned in the Bible and identifies some not mentioned in the Bible. For ex-ample, the Qur‘aan informs that Jesus was a mes-senger of God from his birth, and his first miracle was speaking as a child in the cradle. After Mary had given birth to Jesus, people accused her of for-nication. Instead of responding to their accusations, she pointed to her newly born child:
“[When] she pointed to him, they asked, ‘How can we talk to a child in the cradle?’ He [Jesus] said: ‘In-deed, I am a servant of Allaah. He gave me the scripture and made me a prophet.’ ”
Qur’aan, (19):29-30. Among his other miracles of bringing the dead back to life, healing lepers, and making the blind see, the Qur‘aan records another miracle not mentioned in the Bible. Prophet Jesus fashioned birds out of clay, blew on them and they flew away, living birds. But the point which is emphasized throughout the Qur‘aan is that whenever Jesus performed a miracle, he informed the people that it was by God’s permission. He made it clear to his followers that he was not doing the miracles by himself, in the same way that the earlier Prophets made it clear to those around them.